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A day of reflection for Sentio Marketing

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A day of reflection for Sentio Marketing

A day of reflection for Sentio Marketing


Unusually, I am writing about something that is marketing, print, paper or design related.  Instead, this is a news item about the COVID-19 situation and how we have adapted, moved forward and now reflect on the last year.  Truly, this is a day of reflection for Sentio Marketing.

The start of the Lockdown

Sentio Marketing was launched in 2008 with the principal offering of supplying first class, high quality marketing materials and services to our customers.  That is still very much what we offer.  Through the past 12/13 years we have seen so much come and go with a downturn in the economy, a high and then Brexit and now we are living through a pandemic which no-one saw coming.

We have navigated our way through what has been, ups and lows of our business but, always maintained the high standard, we always knew we could attract our new clients through a targeted campaign and also through online marketing.

However, the pandemic did, has and continues to change the marketing map for our business and indeed our marketplace.  Never before have we faced such challenges and such change with requests for social distancing products such as masks, hand gel and 2 metre stickers.  Who would have through a year ago we would be offering products such as these?

Yet as I write this, I find that companies have evolved, moved forward and now are optimistic enough to make plans about their businesses and move their marketing plans forward.  We are currently working on larger projects to offer sales and marketing brochures to merchandise and lots of labels for new start-up businesses!

Out of great national and global tragedy, comes optimism, innovation and rejuvenation.  I do believe people/companies now want more from their lives and businesses and will take this time to re-organise their lives and businesses because they have time to evaluate what is important.

How we all moved forward

Some businesses have been real winners with profits soaring because they have innovated or because they have been suppliers of essential items such as food or PPE.  This last year has also show great resilience and people and communities coming together for the greater good of the country.  It has truly been a time where human nature has been at its best.

We all thought we would be out of the lockdown situation by now but, reality is we are very much in this for some time to come.  So, what we now can do is to keep going keep thinking about the future and be thankful we have one as so many lives have been lost over the past year.  I speak from per personal experience and know how hard this for everyone concerned.

As with the world wars we faced, we all will come through this tragic and difficult time and we will rebuild our country and economy.  The trick is to keep believing and keep going!  On the day we look back at the last year and reflect I can say that I have received my first vaccine! Horrah and fingers crossed we will come out of this stronger on the other side.

Thank you for reading our news item and we wish all our customers, friends, followers and all who read this news post our best wishes for the future, because we all have one.

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