Direct Mail

Direct mail

Direct Mail is a very valuable way in which to keep in touch or create a new relationship with customers. It is, quite simply, a marketing technique which involves the delivery of physical marketing materials, i.e. brochures, letters, postcards and merchandise which creates the opportunity to engage in a positive way with customers

   Direct mail

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01 Get personal

Direct mail

Direct mail is the most popular form of a postal campaign. Direct mail can be anything that is delivered from B2B and B2C. The data on a piece of direct mail can be very highly targeted down to the individual and their business. This channel works great for both customer acquisition and current customer marketing, but, is perfect for customer reactivation. Direct mail boasts some of the highest conversion rates across all marketing channels including online

02 Large scale

Partially addressed mail

Partially addressed mail was introduced by Royal Mail in 2018 after the GDPR legislation became law to kick start the industry again. The data is still highly targeted like direct mail, but, because you only market to the household not the individuals that live there, data is cheaper than direct mail. Partially addressed mail works best for large scale prospect mailings. Response rates are not as high as direct mail but the cheaper rates and data may outweigh this. Partially addressed data is one of the cheapest forms of data you can purchase

01 Go local

Door drops

Door drop campaigns are like direct mail with the exception that they are less targeted. Door drop data is primarily based on geolocation. Data can still be profiled but not individually targeted. For example, you target a specific street postcode or location. This channel is best utilised as blanket marketing for advertising local events such as store openings, or for local councils who want to speak to their, constituency

Questions we ask

What outcome do you want to achieve? Is the campaign for website traffic? Is the campaign for brand awareness? Is the campaign for lead generation? Is the campaign for sales generation?

These are incredibly important reasons and will drive your campaigns design and results. Do you have a budget and quantity in mind? Is this campaign part of a larger marketing campaign? Are you going to be carrying out A/B testing with this campaign? Are you going to follow up with lead generation calling or further direct/digital marketing campaigns?

Design and print

Here at Sentio we offer a highly skilled team of graphic designers and print and paper finishes to help deliver truly engaging direct mail and offline marketing communications

All our designers use Indesign and pdfs are set up for printing using high quality graphics, images and logos. In addition, we are in regular contact with the paper merchants and mills from around the United Kingdom and the world to make sure we can offer our clients the very best papers and materials on offer

Through our trusted partnerships we now offer the paper that is carbon balanced for printing and so can offer customers an extra special service for no extra cost please see our Carbon Balancing Paper page for more information on the service.

Reporting and reviewing

Your campaign has been delivered and the responses are in. Now is the time to review your campaign in as much detail as possible. This is important to do to accurately measure if your campaign was a success or not.
  • Which of theA/B test worked better?
  • Was your ROI as expected?
  • Did you have any holdups with production?
  • Was your data clean?

Now is the time to take what you have learnt and use that information to make the next campaign better. Never lose focus after running many different campaigns, attention to detail is always vital. Make sure you are still A/B testing, cleaning your data and following every rule 10 campaigns on.

Success is measured differently if your goal was to drive traffic to your site compared to lead generation.

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