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How do I brief my marketing agency?

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How do I brief my marketing agency?

At Sentio, marketing agency, we work with many organisations/companies that need, Sentio, their marketing agency to produce high quality marketing for campaigns for digital marketing and print. It is important for our clients to get the best results and ROI (return on investment) they can form their campaigns. When thinking about engaging with a creative company, ask yourself the question; how do I brief my marketing agency? From here you can plan ahead.

We start with a full briefing meeting with each client and ask all the questions that need to be answered. This part is very important as we need as much information as possible so we can quote accurately for the campaign.

Please find below some top tips to think about for your marketing campaigns and that will help with briefing your marketing agency.


  • First of all, decide on the budget and what you would like to spend on the campaign. This is probably the most important tip. Let your agency know what the budget is. The reason for this is very simple, sometimes if you are thinking the cost is smaller than the production cost then the agency can manage your expectations up front and not waste time quoting for work that is not achievable within the budget
  • Let your marketing agency have a written brief and state clearly your thoughts on which images and logos you would like to use
  • It is important to have a call to action, so when a customer of yours sees the campaign they clearly can see what you are offering and how your service will help their business. I know this sounds obvious but, it is the key driver to all campaigns
  • Think if you would like to run the campaign through all channels so for example if you have a digital marketing campaign once the customer makes contact do you want to send printed marketing or set up meetings from the responses
  • Very importantly, make sure you have the support in place to follow up on leads from each campaign. For example, if you have a successful direct mail marketing campaign and receive lots of inbound leads then make sure you have the sales and account manager to follow up on the leads quickly and respond to requests for further information and meetings
  • Set up special urls/email/phone lines for each campaign this will help you measure your campaign’s success. This is so important as marketing campaigns are all about driving business and sales to your company/organisation and each campaign needs to be measured
  • Look at different routes to market your business. For example, you may want to look at exhibitions or digital campaigns or direct marketing campaigns. All are routes to market are worth looking at. To be honest until you try each route you will not know what works for your business the best. Some companies find one particular marketing campaign may work better than another campaign
  • Remember to work with your marketing agency as your partner they want the campaign to work as much as you do!


If you would like any further information on marketing campaigns or you have a project coming up then please contact Sentio on 01295 268649.