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How do small agile businesses stay on top in a Pandemic?

   News    How do small agile businesses stay on top in a Pandemic?

How do small agile businesses stay on top in a Pandemic?


As the world navigates itself through one of the worst situations, we have been through in the last 100 years we have seen a positive side to running a business that is small and agile during this time.

You may think how can this be positive?  Well, I thought this was going to be such an awful time for us all personally and professionally, unfortunately, we have been touched by the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic personally.  Also, the economy has declined, and businesses have had to furlough staff or mothball their companies.


  • Sentio contacted all our suppliers to make sure their organisations could still supply design, print, packaging, POS and merchandise.  Once we established the supply chain was in good shape, we continued to market our company to clients to inform them we could still supply the goods and services to them should they require these moving forward.  We have kept in constant contact with our partners and our team to make sure that all orders could be produced.  So far, we have continued to receive and produce and deliver orders to a high standard.


  • For Sentio we quickly took action.  We were one of the first suppliers to contact our customers and detail how we were going to work moving forward.  Each customer was contacted by email to inform them of our new working practice, by socially distancing and providing support through conference calls, Zoom or Facetime.  We also reassured our customers that supply chains were in fact unaffected by the global pandemic.


  • During this time, we have been able to communicate with our clients through email as they have worked from home and if they are furloughed the emails have been passed onto other colleagues in the business.


It is the small communication through emails and WhatsApp messaging and other online platforms which has kept the business alive.  When orders have arrived, and there have been orders (and that has been just great for our business and morale) Sentio has been able to respond to our customers’ requirements in a first class and swift way to deliver their marketing promotions and projects on time and budget.

Sentio is very much OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

We are offering the following services

  • Graphic Design for online and print
  • Brochures design and print
  • Business cards/leaflets/stationery
  • Packaging
  • POS – Point of Sale
  • Merchandise from t-shirts to pens and mugs to power banks and water bottles


If you would like more information about Sentio and how we can help at this time, then please contact us here.  Or call us on 01295 268649