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How Sentio keeps innovating with new products!

The last year, as we are all well aware, has been a challenge for businesses and organisations around the country.  With challenges comes innovating with new products, creative thinking which is exactly what we have been doing at Sentio HQ!

Just because a pandemic hits the country and also the world does not mean that we stand still and allow ourselves to be swallowed in negativity and a lack of inspiration.  We quickly got to work on offering our clients new and exciting products to help them all move through the pandemic and allow their staff and customers to engage on a safe and informative level.

Social Distancing Products

For the first part we sourced a complete portfolio of products for social distancing.  These include

  • Branded face masks
  • Banners
  • Hand sanitisers, branded and non-branded
  • Sanitising stations
  • Signage
  • POS stickers
  • Guards for desks

We were able to communicate to our customers the products and services and supplied various items of socially distanced products 


SafeTouch lamination and Paper

We were able to secure stock and lamination that is treated with a safeguard to help protect printed marketing assets from being contaminated with bacteria and COVID viruses that help spread the viruses

Bespoke Folders

We quickly noticed that companies which were busy needed presentation folders to put contracts and presentations in.  We offer unusual sizes and shapes of folders with different print finishes to give the WOW factor.

Trends in 2020

We found that companies wanted marketing assets that really made their companies stand out and look different which is what Sentio specialises in.

One great new trend that has come out of 2020 is the explosion of new, exciting and innovative businesses.  Sentio worked with many new businesses advising and producing on packaging and marketing.


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