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How to serve up a real winner in direct marketing!

   Marketing    How to serve up a real winner in direct marketing!

How to serve up a real winner in direct marketing!

A very good question for any business thinking about producing a direct mail campaign. Here at Sentio we offer direct mail campaigns as part of our service offering and also part of a sales and marketing strategy for our clients.

What is direct marketing?

Direct marketing is a route to market, usually through direct mail, that sells a company’s products or services to their customers by targeting a group of potential or existing clients.

However, there are other ways of using direct marketing and these are detailed below:

  • Direct mail, post
    TV ads – media
    Print inserted in magazines or product packaging

How do I deliver a compelling and eye-catching direct marketing campaign?

  • Work out your budget and think about which channel you would like to use. Remember if using direct mail then factor in the postage cost
  • Think about your product or service you would like to market and then create the call to action. With all direct marketing there should be a clear call to make the customer pick the phone up and call or email you or click on the website page you have targeted them with. The idea is you create sales from your campaigns! Obvious I know, but sometimes this can be missed
  • Be creative! Let your imagination do its’ job and listen to your marketing and design team. We have created some great direct mail where we have used pop art, new fonts and unusual papers to help deliver an outstanding direct mail campaign
  • Use specially created urls to direct customers to register for events or learn more about your services or products
  • Think about create multi-channel direct marketing campaigns from direct mail to urls and telemarketing, remember the customers may need an extra contact to place that all important order!
  • Track your direct marketing campaigns, so many companies prepare these campaigns and don’t track responses and ROI to see if they work. This is key as it will give you the information for you to carry out other direct campaigns and understand what your customers are looking for
  • With direct marketing you don’t have to use letters or postcards, although they do work, you can use merchandise such as video books, USBs, pens and notebooks or pop up 3D print cards. The choices are endless! So, let your creative juices and imagination just work a little harder and you can deliver a direct marketing campaign that really works and delivers a strong ROI for your business

If you would like more information on direct marketing, please contact Sentio on 01295 268649.

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