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How we rode the pandemic out in 2020!

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How we rode the pandemic out in 2020!

How we rode the pandemic out in 2020!  A relevant question and one we will explain.   The last year has been, and this maybe, an understatement to say the least, the most crazy, unpredictable and challenging time we have as a nation and indeed world had to live and work through!

Still a year on and here we are ready to roll into another very unpredictable year.  2021 will be as challenging because the pandemic is not over.  One good point is though we now have a vaccine in fact we have more than one vaccine so this will be a huge help to getting this virus under control.

How we rode the pandemic out in 2020!

How did Sentio keep moving forwards in 2020?


What a loaded question this is.  At the start of the year, we had a fabulous few week of new customers contacting us and orders being placed from them and existing customers too.  All the signs seemed great and we had record sales!

Then the virus started to loom large and sales inevitably dropped off.  However, we started to think differently at Sentio.  This was a great time to keep in touch with our customers, offer new and exciting products and services.  We now offer everything from products for social distancing to direct mail and POS.

Sentio continued to email our customers and offer whatever support we could.  From here we were able to continue to support our varied and many customers over the first lockdown and beyond.  Steadily the sales improved, and we finished on a record sales note, so Team Sentio were truly delighted with our efforts!

We also continued to use our marketing platforms to connect with new customers and offer our innovative products and services such as SCODIX, foiling and folders too.  What we found is that companies were still requiring marketing, design and printed products to connect to their customers and so we offered all sorts of products including direct mail.


What we can hope for in 2021?


This year will be a challenge but, as ever we have a strong pipeline of work and we are launching a new company to offer luxury and fun stationery through various platforms and sites.  So we innovating, creating and launching new products!

We are excited about the future, although this will be a challenge, but as ever we are committed and up for what this new year gives us.  We know we are lucky that we can say we rode the pandemic out in 2020!

To all our customers and friends, a very happy new year.

Stay safe, stay well and stay happy!


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