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Important Coronavirus Update

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Important Coronavirus Update

Sentio Marketing Update

As valued customers of Sentio Marketing I have put together a Coronavirus update for the coming weeks to mitigate the risk of any spread of the Coronavirus, (COVID-19) outbreak.

We would like to say it is business as usual at Sentio Marketing. 

It is unusual for Sentio to post a news item like this but, we believe this is necessary to give you the Coronavirus update.  We have tried to act swiftly and this is an ever evolving situation.


There has been lots of news items informing us all of the spread of the disease and the risks involved.  With this in mind we have put together a few points of how we, at Sentio, are going to work in the next few weeks until we “out the other side”.  Of course this will be reviewed on an ongoing basis but, I believe this will reassure you with getting your projects moving for you; and our suppliers are all working as normal.

Coronavirus update 

These guidelines are in place as we find we have to be pragmatic and continue to work but, in a different way providing the same marketing services and products.

  • We will not be making any planned visits, but, we will be happy to do so if there is an urgent need;
  • Please can you let us know if you, or your colleagues have visited any of the affected areas, so we can make a decision to visit;
  • Sentio will continue and it is “business as normal” for us but, just with a bit of common sense whilst we have this situation;
  • We will be marketing as usual through our normal channels and continue to update you with new and exciting marketing initiatives, products and services;


If you have any questions about our Coronavirus updateplease do contact me and I do hope you understand our stance with regard to this matter.   I have looked at the WHO website and will continue to do so.  Along with Public Health England these will be our source of advice.


Please contact us here if you have any questions 01295 268649

We are still providing all our services as normal



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