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How do I innovate during the pandemic?

   Marketing    How do I innovate during the pandemic?

How do I innovate during the pandemic?

How do I innovate during the pandemic?

Since we have experienced the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic over the past 12 months the trading has been hard hit for many businesses.  This statement seems to be an understatement to say the least!   However, we have to keep innovating during the pandemic to keep our businesses moving forward.

What Sentio did to innovate in 2020

  • We started to innovate by looking at new supply chains and products.
  • We sampled new products and services for example the Safe-Guard lamination that helps prevent the spread of bacteria and also the Coronavirus
  • We looked at the trends of businesses that were working and seemed to be continually busy throughout the pandemic and so this gave us an audience to market our products to.
  • Looking ahead we quickly marketed our socially distanced products to our customers new and existing. We found products such as branded masks, hand sanitiser and of course graphics where items such as banners really did come into their own as they were used for information giving and guiding people around shops and hospitals
  • One area we saw an increase in was high quality and luxury foiled and luxury SCODIX business cards. We produced a high amount of these cards which did surprise us.  The reason being for this increase in demand is that lots of companies are sending our proposals and tenders which require back up marketing assets
  • Another product has been folders, which we have produced using unusual designs and sizes. Again, these can be filled with luxury brochures, letters and agreements for our clients to send to their clients.
  • Our merchandise side of the business did exceptionally well with lots of orders for garments, masks, pens and mugs, great to give to staff and clients alike and act as gifts to keep in touch.
  • We kept in touch with all our suppliers from GF Smith to Fedrigoni and all our other suppliers of print and merchandise to make sure the supply chains were in order.


Lastly, we have launched a luxury stationery company, Hopping Dog Cards.  This company uses all our expertise in design and print along with creative papers that can be used with the unusual print techniques.

The reason for the launch of the greetings and stationery range is that this can be sold online and in this time of the pandemic when shops are forced to close this seemed a great way to use our creative talents and connect to a new customer base.

All in all we look to 2021 with excitement and of course with caution, but always ready to innovate during the pandemic!

For more information on how we can help your business innovate during the pandemic and keep fresh and relevant with new ideas, please contact us here.  We will be delighted to help you!