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How do I create the perfect presentation folder?

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How do I create the perfect presentation folder?

How do I create the perfect presentation folder?

At Sentio we have lots of client who need presentation folders and we are approached by our clients to come up with exciting designs and templates for the perfect presentation folder.

Presentation folders are the perfect vehicle to market your company.  They can be used in conjunction with brochures or become a brochure with the brochure being inserted in the middle of the folder.  They also convey messages hold important documents and help deliver the brand message to your customer!  Folders, quite simply, are a “super document”!

Here are our top tips for the perfect presentation folder!

  • Have your budget ready in advance, depending on the size and complexity they can vary in price.
  • Be bold think of something new and different in size – we have customers who have A3 portrait to A6 in size, oh and everything in between!
  • Colour, one of our new customers has really bold colours in the brand palette and this is bright pink – almost a neon. They coupled this with a really different shape which is an envelope style that has open flaps that fold in.  The result was a stunning folder that created a bold statement.
  • Messaging is such an important part of the design of the folder. Remember this is a great piece of marketing to sell your company and the services and products it offers.  Keep the messaging simply, clear and concise.
  • The use of images is so important; so many companies tend to have the folders just very plain but, images can be a bold statement and also create interest and showcase a new product or service.
  • Remember you can also insert a brochure in the centre so adding more text and information on your company and still have the pocket for price lists and presentations and so the folder becomes more interesting and has multi purposes.
  • Special print finishes – this is a great little idea to really just set and finish your presentation folders off. From SCODIX to foiling and embossing these print finishes just add the WOW factor!


If you would like further information on how Sentio can help with the perfect presentation folder then click here for a FREE consultation and quote!  We are ready and waiting to take your call.