GG Thoroughbred Racing

GG Thoroughbred Racing Ltd is a young and vibrant team of racing professionals, they have come together to form GG Thoroughbreds, named after one of the owners George Gill. The initials lend themselves brilliantly to the branding and name.

All of the directors had owned and raced horses under different banners competing to the highest level. GG’s leading Bloodstock Consultant is responsible for 35 individual Group 1 winners, 115 individual stakes winners including 13 classic winners and 217 individual stakes performers. The goal is to become one of the most potent and well-known, modern-day horse racing forces in the United Kingdom.

Key objectives for GG Thoroughbred Racing

Initially, the client approached Sentio to help with the production of the corporate brochures. Quickly we were able to take the “reins” up and deliver quality marketing brochures. From this initial contact Sentio has worked tirelessly to build the working relationship with GG Thoroughbred Racing to were we are today.

  • Sentio is now the agency that acts as a marketing arm to GG Thoroughbred Racing
  • The successful re branding for GG Thoroughbred Racing offers a more corporate look and one that ties in the colours of the silks with the brand nationally
  • The services and products offered are varied from design for print, website design and build and direct mail
  • We are constantly developing the brand and looking at all forms of marketing to create a positive result on the ROI (return on investment) through traditional and new marketing platforms; such as Google Ads and Facebook

Sentio’s approach and delivery

Form small acorns to a growing and thriving business. Sentio has helped deliver on all aspects of the marketing of GG Thoroughbred Racing. We offer answers to questions and take the seek to understand needs and requirements as well as understanding growing pains of a fast-growing business.

From the initial consultation with the client we could understand limitations on budgets, but, the desire for quality. It is this expert knowledge we offer that helps move our client’s business forward.

All the clients’ needs are met and often we suggest new and innovative ways to market their brand and deliver on tight deadlines and budgets.

Key outcomes to GG Thoroughbred Racing

After meeting with GG Thoroughbred Racing and working with them for the past 18 months we have successfully delivered on all the objectives requested by GG Thoroughbred Racing

Delivered so far

  • Re branding of the company
  • Delivering a new set of marketing assets from brochures to business cards and digital marketing designs
  • All marketing is delivered within the tight budget set without compromising on quality and design
  • We are now working on the design and build of a corporate website with the new branding for GG Thoroughbred Racing which will be delivered in the second quarter of the year

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