Hero IT

Hero IT is an innovative IT support business, based in the South of England in Brighton. The business serves companies throughout the UK. The business prides itself on providing exceptional information technology coupled with a strong customer service. From engineering consultancies to TV production firms to extreme sports providers they customer base is vast and growing in all sectors around the UK.

Key objectives for Hero IT

Sentio were asked to work with Hero IT in the summer of 2018 to produce a new and innovative and exciting corporate brochure that would take the company’s services and products to a new level and deliver a strong ROI (return on investment).

The sales team needed a sales brochure that really gave them an asset to market and win business for the company but also engaged the client.

  • Hero IT contacted Sentio with an idea to have a brochure with UV finishing on the front of the cover to highlight the logo but, also, they wanted to create a dragon effect on the cover too
  • We quickly set to work and gave our bespoke sample pack to the client
  • Once the sample pack had been received and reviewed the client was able to choose what they would like on the brochure with regard to paper and print finishing
  • From here we could then accurately propose a concept to the client using a combination of coated paper, velvet lamination, SCODIX and orange foil to the covers
  • We then produced a prototype sample completed printed with all the special print techniques and made up into the brochure to give the client the full idea of what the brochure would look like as a finished marketing asset
  • The client then could amend the design and produce the sales and marketing brochures from this prototype

Sentio’s approach and delivery

Sentio reacted quickly to Hero IT’s requirements. With the depth of understanding of design for print we were able to offer a unique service to the client. The client knew they wanted a brochure that really was the best they could have but, did not know what was on offer in the delivery.

Form the initial consultation we knew Sentio could deliver an outstanding marketing asset for Hero IT and a brochure that would really impress their clients and inform their clients of all products and services.

Key outcomes to Hero IT

From the initial consultation Sentio worked hard to produce an outstanding piece of marketing which the client felt engaged with, proud to give to their clients and most importantly win and retain new business.

  • An innovative and unique sales and marketing brochure
  • A marketing brochure that enhanced and reinforced the brand identity within the market place
  • Sentio delivered a unique and informative brochure on budget

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