Hopping Dog Cards

Hopping Dog Cards is a new and exciting range of stationery. We pride ourselves on producing eye-catching designs on unusual and innovative papers, we complement this with exciting and new print techniques to give our stationery the WOW factor.

Hopping Dog Cards takes its inspiration from ‘Lucy’, our owner Joanna Harwood’s ‘Sheep Poo’ dog who loves to hop through fields of tall grass on her back legs.

Joanna has worked in marketing, paper and print for over two decades. Through her work in the marketing and paper industries, she has successfully set up supply chains that offer a first-class service and unusual paper and print products. With this structure in place Joanna now believes that this is a perfect time to realise her dream of creating a greetings and stationery brand.


Key Objectives for Hopping Dog Cards

Sentio was asked to create a suite of stationery and marketing assets for Hopping Dog Cards, (HDC).  The brand had commissioned an illustrator to design assets for use in the branding as well as for marketing and for the stationery.

Hopping Dog Cards wanted a special branding and stationery range that would be a unique offering to their new audience.  It had to be fun and exciting, memorable, eye-catching and also high-quality design and print.

The print would have to really stand out and so we needed to offer new and exciting print techniques such as SCODIX, foiling and lamination.  The paper had to be British made too.

Hopping Dog Cards has an environmental requirement too; supporting the World Land Trust.  This means that every paper order placed there would be a donation given to help save the world’s forests.

Sentio was asked to focus on these key objectives

  • Sentio created a branding document which included the colour palate and fonts and logo;
  • To create a suite of digital marketing products from social media banners, to choosing a font that would be representative of the brand;
  • To create a list of marketing products from business cards, to post cards, brochures/price lists, stickers and wrapping paper and packaging products such as belly bands;
  • To design and build a reference website for use to drive sales and marketing leads for retailers and agents;
  • To research and develop a paper that was British made and also environmentally friendly and fully FSC certified;
  • To source matching envelopes to match the paper
  • All the products were designed, approved and delivered on time and budget which meant the print then could be produced and delivered ready for the launch.

Sentio’s approach and delivery

Sentio started by sending a full arrange of paper and print samples for the product manager to appraise what was on offer.  We took a full brief for the website, branding and marketing assets.  The client and went through the needs and requirements with Sentio, of which there were a few different projects to work on.

  • Sentio offered complimentary dummy and sample service
  • Sentio brought in our technical experts to help with the design and build of the website for Hopping Dog Cards;
  • We worked with our designer to make sure the design brief was met and the logo, email signature and all marketing assets were designed with creativity and speed;
  • The paper was researched and we found the perfect paper, Zen 300gsm from GF Smith, this was British made, and came with matching envelopes, paper gsm and also board weights. This meant we can offer all sorts of products in one paper.  We also trialled this with SCODIX gloss/digital enhancement and foil and it worked perfectly.
  • Sentio produced the full complement of marketing assets and also the first tranche of stationery which are A6 postcard stationery sets, with matching envelopes and belly band. These cards are full colour print for the animal collection and SCODIX foil for the funny sayings range, in gold/silver/bronze and rose gold;
  • Products were delivered that were difficult to source in a speedy and economical fashion, never allowing quality to be compromised.
  • Innovation is key to Hopping Dog Cards and we are continually evolving and offering new products. We are now working on the greetings cards

Key outcomes delivered to Hopping Dog Cards

We are now the marketing agency that can offer the creative, unusual and innovative products for Hopping Dog Cards. We supply all aspects of design, marketing and printing:

  • A full complement of stationery to launch to the market, currently available on The Countryside Store and Etsy with more retailers set to sell the stationery;
  • The development of all marketing assets from logos and branding to printed assets including exhibition banners and brochures;
  • A full reference website with SEO and blog/news posts
  • All products are delivered through research and development of each product
  • All products are delivered on time and budget


If you would like further information on Hopping Dog Cards, contact them here.  Alternatively, please contact Sentio here to see how we can help with your branding, website and delivery of marketing assets.


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