Oxfordshire Business First

An overview of Sentio’s Approach and Delivery

Oxfordshire Business First (OBF) is a professional networking organisation for entrepreneurs based in Oxfordshire. Oxfordshire Business First is a not-for-profit organisation set up to promote entrepreneurship and innovation, aiming to stimulate business growth and addressing issues that may be stifling economic development in the County.
Operating a business in the current economic climate requires significant support at every level including training for employees, practical assistance to managers and guidance for directors. For many of Oxfordshire’s smaller businesses, access to high quality learning is often difficult and expensive to obtain. As a consequence, OBF is keen to promote short, bite-sized learning events and initiatives, allowing business people to gain highly valuable knowledge from others who have experienced similar challenges in the past.

Key objectives for Oxfordshire Business First

Sentio was invited to work with the OBF team to produce the entrepreneur’s book Just Like You, a “coffee table book” that would stand out from other books of its kind.
We were asked to focus on the following key objectives:
  • To showcase entrepreneurs by telling the stories of the issues they faced and how they became successful in their respective industries
  • To create a book that was creatively eye-catching and engaging that would act as both a reference book and an inspirational piece for prospective entrepreneurs
  • To ensure the book stood out from others of it’s kind by using a non-standard size and format
  • To be printed and produced on papers made in the UK and also printed in the UK with biodegradable inks
  • To be reasonably priced without compromising on the quality of the finished article

Sentio’s Approach and Delivery

  • Sentio started the process by first engaging with the stakeholders for the project, Placi Esperjo and Stuart Miller, agreeing the key objectives in order to gain a better understanding of what was required.
  • Our initial work started, when we provided hard copy dummies of the book; these hard copies were 210mm square as this format stands out on book shelves and coffee tables. The UK paper merchant GF Smith was involved from the very start, providing complimentary dummies for the stakeholders to approve. On approval of the format and papers, we then waited for the design to be created and finalised.
  • We received the call from the OBF marketing manager to progress production of the printed book.  As time had passed since the original approval, we re-sent new dummies to the stakeholders for approval.  We then built a critical path for the project which was duly sent to both the creative agency and the team at OBF, with a view to helping them to understand the different print and finishing processes. Once agreed we set about working closely with the creative team to finalise the artwork. The artwork was signed off and we proceeded with the production.
  • Our quality process requires us to “pre-flight” artwork, allowing us to make further recommendations as to the photos and images used. We carefully checked all the pages and subsequently produced two hard copy proofs for final approval by the stakeholders. One this approval was received, we were able to take delivery of the paper and begin printing. The Christmas break provided us with the lengthy drying time required; thereafter we bound the books and dispatched to our delighted client, OBF.

Key outcomes delivered to Oxfordshire Business First

Having met all of the original key objectives that we were tasked with, the key outcomes delivered to Oxfordshire Business First were:
  • Just Like You, an eye-catching, tactile and engaging “coffee table book” is now in print that showcases Oxfordshire’s entrepreneurs and is aimed at existing and future entrepreneurs in Oxfordshire and beyond OBF Just Like You have been using the book in PR campaigns, networking and events throughout the County
  • The contributors will all have a memorable and high quality brochure which they are all part of.   This will help them promote their brand and themselves to the good of the business they have created.
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