Savience shapes the patient journey through hospitals, clinics and GP surgeries, the systems developed by Savience have already helped millions of people worldwide.

The team design clinic-management solutions using multi-channel, multi-media smart technologies to connect, involve and engage patients and staff. We work closely with health professionals and managers to ensure our technology can be fully and seamlessly integrated with existing systems.

Developing nimble, accessible and feature-rich technologies to help manage the flow of people in time-critical hospital reception areas, Savience Clarity guides patients throughout their journey, keeping them informed from the moment of arrival to the time they leave.

In fast-moving, high-volume areas of hospitals, Savience Clarity streamlines three core processes: arrival, flow, and departure. It is a comprehensive solution for patients and hospital staff alike. Unless the flow of people from arrival to departure is managed seamlessly, queues lengthen, staff are stretched – and frustration builds.

Key objectives for Savience

Savience needed to increase their awareness in the marketplace with NHS Trust hospitals. The smart technology has a great deal to offer clinicians and patients alike. Sentio were tasked with producing an eye catching and informative cross media campaign including direct marketing materials to catch the attention of the CEOs and lead consultants in A&E.

We were asked to focus on the following key objectives:

  • To “open” conversations, make appointments and build relationships that lead to sales
  • Send a marketing campaign that was different and “off the wall”
  • Make the print a keep sake and not a throw away item. Thus, maximises on the brand and the product offering
  • Deliver the message in a clear and informative way
  • Find new avenues through social media and online to engage with potential clients
  • Create a strap line to inform and educate the audience
  • Work within a budget
  • Deliver on time in line with an event hosted at Savience HQ

Sentio’s approach and delivery

Sentio was invited to meet with the CEO and his executive team to discuss the project. We listened to the requirements of the CEO, took a full brief to understand the requirements .

We proposed to produce 3 ideas which all could be used in a marketing campaign. These would be produced as complete campaigns and presented in a four-week lead time.

Our ideas were based on the following:

  • Pop art design and print pop up dice and sleeve, this is the project the CEO chose
  • The letter S that had arrows and the messaging in different colours throughout the S
  • A fingerprint with a simple line. This was the simplest design
  • We presented these ideas as printed samples so each campaign was designed and printed along with the template for an email follow up along with a landing page
  • The client opted for the sleeve and dice option with a pop art theme
  • Sentio created the full campaign from tweaking the design, personalisation, printing and landing page. All delivered on time and budget

Key outcomes to Savience

The key outcomes were:

  • Increased traffic to the website by over 37%
  • The clients remembered the marketing pop ups. Conversations were easier to have with a client
  • There was an increased attendance to an event at Savience HQ
  • Social media posts and information was downloaded from the website also requested from the sales staff
  • The sales process is long. The orders are usually large. The sales team have and continue to work on the leads and open sales. The sales have increased with new and existing clients
  • Finally, the CEO wanted a campaign that the company could work with and open conversations and leads
  • Sentio handed the project over to the business development manager for the next stage of the project