Space and Solutions

The Brief

Space and Solutions are a b2b interior design and building agency based in the New Forest and London.  They are a small to medium size business with clients all over the United Kingdom, but specifically in London and the South.  The specialise in optimising office space with a unique design twist.  The business has been established in 2008 and is a family run business.  The last three years has seen significant organic growth.  They pride themselves on designing & building offices for our clients since 2008.  Space and Solutions are extremely well resourced & passionate about delivering an exceptional service for all their clients


Key objectives for Space and Solutions Ltd

Sentio was invited to work with the Managing Director of the business to produce the company’s entire portfolio of marketing assets

We were asked to focus on the following key objectives:

  • To produce high quality marketing brochures, namely cold and warm documents, to look and feel inspiring and showcase the services and products offered;
  • To create the complete rebranded marketing materials within a timeframe and on budget;
  • To be creative and find new papers and print techniques that would enhance the look, feel and quality of the marketing brochures
  • To advise on new formats and design elements of the assets;

Sentio’s approach and delivery

Sentio was referred to speak to the Managing Director, Sarah O’Callaghan, and from here we took the brief, got to understand the business and listened to what our client required.  Sarah’s “pain” was that she needed to deliver high quality design and print across the business, but, was left without an agency to execute the project.

We started work in earnest in 2012, when we referred by another client, to speak to Space and Solutions.  We had a consultation day where we met with Sarah and her team and spent time understanding each design and print project; she required artwork to be amended and print to be delivered within a specific time and budget.  We understood from the start the challenge and from working with previous business suppliers had been quoted a large fee for all the print based on large runs.

Through listening and understanding Sarah’s requirements it became obvious that she required smaller runs of her marketing assets as she wanted to showcase new and exciting projects through the company’s cold and warm documents.  As Space and Solutions grew and evolved their work changed and even more new and exciting projects were delivered.  We both agreed that it was imperative to show off these iconic buildings with their new interiors.

What we were able to offer were short print runs of their marketing assets with updated artwork inserted into pages and older projects removed.  This kept the marketing brochures fresh and updated and meant that Space and Solutions were able to order brochures as they needed in 100 batch runs.  All their print is printed in Indigo digital presses which means that they could achieve the high quality look feel colour and quick turnaround they required.  Plus we offered a free hard copy proofing service for Sarah to check and make sure she was completely happy with the layout and look of the brochures.

The business cards and stationery were also ordered;  artwork from our end could be amended/changed within minutes we able to send proofs and then deliver the stationery within a few days.  Sentio produced all marketing assets for Space and Solutions from marketing brochures to business cards and USBs.


Key outcomes delivered to Space and Solutions

Having met all of the original key objectives that we were tasked with, the key outcomes delivered to Space and Solutions

  • The marketing brochures are updated regularly giving our client a document that is current and fresh;
  • The client now has an affordable set of marketing brochures that are printed in short runs;
  • We can deliver marketing assets on deadlines as we are able to print the brochures on small runs and digitally;

We were able to give the client a cost per unit for the brochures based on a specific run but the client could order in 100 batches.  This gave the client a set price so they could order the brochures as their budget allowed;

Sentio has now become a trusted supplier offering many forms of marketing communications from promotional merchandise to design and print.  We are also offering new and exciting forms of marketing communications and now Space and Solutions have a new marketing manager we are working on new projects for the client as their business has grown and the new London office has been opened.

If you would like any further information on how Sentio can help your business, please contact us here