SCODIX is an exciting new print technique that gives your marketing print the WOW factor! The high raised varnish can be used to build a logo, give text a more textured feel to your print. We even offer foil SCODIX printing! Are you looking for something different for your printed marketing collateral? Then SCODIX maybe the best option


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01 Strengthen

Brand identity

SCODIX is the perfect partner to give brochures and business cards the WOW factor! The high gloss varnish is raised and then applied to any area from the logo to text, strengthening the brand identity

02 Flexibility


Sentio now offers the option to use foil to any area of your print. Sentio can foil any area of the printed asset and unlike traditional foiling the coil can be changed for the next print run without having to make a new foil block, thus giving more flexibility to the design of the asset

01 Unique


SCODIX is perfect for packaging applications from beauty products to event packs and food packaging. Are you launching a new product or want to give your packaging a unique look and feel that helps make your brand stand out? Look no further than SCODIX for packaging to give your print a lift

What is SCODIX?

SCODIX printing or high raised UV gloss printing is a new and exciting print techniques unlike UV varnish, SCODIX is a raised gloss finish and foil finish and sits on top of an image or a picture and acts like an embossing. SCODIX can be used with litho and digital print and we even have a range of luxury papers that can be used with SCODIX.

SCODIX can be used on the following marketing assets; brochures, business cards, leaflets, packaging, POS (point of sale) and post card printing. Whatever your printed asset is then SCODIX will work on the print.

Designing for SCODIX

Very simply, in design format just create your artwork as normal for the document in CMYK with bleed and crop in print ready PDF format, through Adobe InDesign or Illustrator.

In a second file create a simple UV file in black/magenta to show where you would like the treatment to be put on the artwork.

We will need two files in total to print the SCODIX UV or foil. If you would like Sentio to help with design, we can offer that too.

Innovating with SCODIX

As we have previously mentioned SCODIX works well on all printed marketing assets. We strive to constantly innovate with our marketing services from digital marketing to more traditional marketing.

All print should work hard and deliver the ROI your business requires for the investment. SCODIX can help deliver, a truly memorable marketing campaign. From sales brochures to business cards and packaging we have worked on designing and producing a top-quality marketing asset for all our clients.

These clients return to help us build their brand communications in a truly memorable way.

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