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Small agencies v large agencies


Just recently I was involved in working with a large agency through a project for a corporate client.  I was very excited as I thought this would be a great insight to see how Sentio compared to a large global agency.  I really enjoyed the experience of working in partnership with this agency and made some good friends through the work.  There is a difference from small agencies v large agencies – what is the difference?

The wheels of a big agency move fairly quickly when a project lands but, probably not as quickly as with a small agency.  The reason being is more people are involved in the project so for example there will be an account director and account manager, along with a head of creative and designer and art-worker.  Then there is a marketing strategist who will write the brief for the creation and delivery of the project.   Lastly, there is a project manager to get the project moving along to make sure the project is delivered on time and budget.  This makes the question small agencies v large agencies a real question in deciding your route forward.

For the small agency there will be an account director and designer and maybe an art-worker.  The account director will be the person who takes the brief and then in turn briefs the designer and art-worker and then from there project manages the work to delivery.

The smaller agency tends to deliver the project much quicker as there are not as many people involved in the creation and delivery.  However, not wanting to “rubbish” the larger agencies they do create great pieces of work.

Differences occur through pricing mainly as there are not the overheads in the smaller agencies that exist in the larger agencies.

Design work produced in both agencies is as good as for the smaller agency as it is in the larger agencies as smaller agencies pick the designer best to suite the client and project.  Where the larger agencies need to allocate work to designers in their studio to keep the studio busy.

Pitch work is always a bit of a problematic piece of work for a smaller agency; they tend to have less people to work on pitches and if they are not paid this can take up a great deal of time (and time is money!) for no reward.  With the larger agencies they have the resource to work on pitches even if they are not paid or if they do not win them all.

So, if you are looking to place work with a marketing agency then think about your project and the budget – remember large agencies mean large fees!

Smaller agencies tend to work on a project by project basis so only charge for the project they work on at that time from websites to marketing campaigns.

I learnt a great deal from my partnership with the larger agency but, most of all they are just like the smaller agencies and still have tight deadlines and small budgets to work to!


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