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What is SCODIX Cast and Cure?

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What is SCODIX Cast and Cure?

What is SCODIX Cast and Cure?



About SCODIX Cast&Cure

I recently had a conversation with a colleague about what is Scodix Cast&Cure? It turns out not many people know about this print finishing process/technique.  This is why I thought I would create a little news item all about Scodix Cast&Cure

Here at Sentio Marketing we are really passionate about unusual print and papers and we advocate these and specify these in our clients work to really make their printed marketing stand out from the rest of the competition.  We regularly, when social distancing permits, meet with new suppliers to discuss new innovations.

At the moment we are using a great deal of SCODIX for our customers printed work.  SCODIX is very versatile although it is a relatively new technology and can be used on the following print;



Direct Mail

Business Cards

Greetings Cards






Wrapping Paper


SCODIX can be used with different process such as the UV high build – gloss finish.  This is probably the most used and popular and looks really sensational with soft touch lamination.  As you will see SCODIX is pretty versatile but, there are new and exciting SCODIX techniques which add real value to printed assets.

When I discovered Scodix Cast&Cure I was really excited as this, I believe, would be a game changer just like the other SCODIX applications.

Scodix Cast&Cure, drum roll please, is a process like the SCODIX digital enhancement but, with a holographic effect.  As the SCODIX website offers – “think of the CREST toothpaste box, that is similar to the effect for Scodix Cast&Cure”

What Scodix Cast&Cure have done is to produce a similar technique on the digital press that gives a holographic finish.  This gives the customer a real chance of offering some new and at an affordable price with a small run, greetings cards, business cards and brochures for example.

There is one caveat with this process is not many companies offer this technique, so it is very rare and unusual to use this and see this at the moment in the UK.  Sentio is now working hard to offer this service/print technique and if you have a project or would like further information please do contact us here