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Why are Brochures so important in the sales cycle?

   News    Why are Brochures so important in the sales cycle?

Why are Brochures so important in the sales cycle?

Brochures have really evolved over the past few years.  Here at Sentio we have seen a huge increase in brochure design and print – but, mainly in the more luxury end of the market.  Companies want more from their brochures and want to be different to other companies in their sectors.

Simply, by making the brochures really stand out makes them even more important in the sales cycle.  The more the brochures look different the more engaging and informative they will be.

Brochure Design and Print

How can you make your brochures stand out and work hard for your business?


  • Think about the content – this is key to making sure you inform and engage your clients. Remember to keep it short and the point – use bullet points where you can to help text and content stand out.
  • Sentio always produces a print version of the brochure and also a web/email version to send out electronically.
  • When designing brochures, we make sure we have all the images in high res pdfs. This gives the brochure’s images a crisp look the images – logo as well.
  • Think about the size, brochures use to be a standard size, A4 portrait but, we produce brochures with different sizes and shapes. A4 landscape, brochures with pockets in the back covers to hold leaflets, A5/DL and 210 x 210mm any size can be produced along with bespoke sizes.   Sentio tends to produce more unusual sized brochures and not many standard sized brochures.
  • Think about using a special print technique like SCODIX or foiling. We have produced lots of brochures using unusual print techniques.  For one client we replicated a dragon skin to work along-side their branding!
  • Be creative and be brave with your ideas! It is worth exploring all design concepts
  • Think about using different papers. We offer a vast range papers from all our valued suppliers.  Once we are working with a client, we offer complimentary dummies to show different papers for the brochures, this enables our clients to have a choice.
  • Remember we can also personalise brochures and print on demand to help suit smaller budgets and targeted marketing campaigns.


For more information on creating a bespoke and informative brochure that will help grow sales in your business please contact Sentio here or call us on 01295 268649