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Why are envelopes so important in Direct Mail?

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Why are envelopes so important in Direct Mail?

Envelopes are the key driver to getting noticed when sending out direct mail.  Why is this?  Very simply, a strong coloured envelope or something different like a silver holographic jiffy bag can really make the experience of receiving a direct mail communication even more memorable and effective because your message stands out from the crowd!

I once worked for a company who carried out research on envelopes and colours of envelopes.  For them yellow was the colour that became the most opened piece of direct mail.  This was because it was a bright yellow and the company found the recipients were waiting until they had opened all the post then opened the yellow envelope.  This was because they felt there was something worth taking time over and looking at.  They wanted to savour the experience more than the bog standard white or brown envelopes.  The recipient also said they found the envelope more exciting and thought there was something worth reading in the envelope.

Here are some top tips to help you think about your direct mail and the envelopes you should use.

Make it exciting

If you have something really special to send out like a diary or notebook make sure the product is in a strong envelope, you don’t want the product damaged in transit.  Something like a box printed with the name and address on in bright colours will work a treat!


Make it memorable

Everyone likes something special and to receive a special pack in the post helps the recipient think they are receiving something memorable.  For example, if you are sending a brochure out send it in a brightly coloured quality had backed envelope.  Have the envelope printed too with your logo/branding.  I often have people say to me they keep the envelopes as they are part of the experience.


Make it informative

When thinking about your direct mail think how you can make the direct mail piece informative from the first touch to the opening of the envelope/box.  Put some relevant information on the envelope like a tease of a special offer if the recipient opens the envelope.  This really helps to engage the recipient from when the receive the envelope/direct mail piece.


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