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Why press passes are still important

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Why press passes are still important

Why press passes are still important

Why press passes are still important

Recently, I carried out a couple of press passes on behalf of clients for their projects which they have just placed with Sentio.  I carry out press passes when the project is a new client or it is a high value project, which is why press passes are still important.


Press passes were more common in the past when deadlines where not so tight and they were for a project such as annual reports or very detailed printing with unusual print techniques such as SCODIX, digital foiling or hot foil or SCODIX foiling or using expensive finishing products and papers.


The Project – Door hangers for CitySuites


Our client, the marketing director of CitySuites approached us to produce a number of projects from Dibond signs to menus, luggage tags and door hangers in the first tranche of the new branding for their aparthotels in Manchester.


The specification and project


Material Colorplan 700gsm Imperial Blue

Finishing die cut to size with round corners

Foiling – hot foil with bronze and white foils and over foiling on one kind


We liaised with the printer to make sure we knew when the project was on the foiling press, and we visited and were able to speak to the operator and account director to see the foiling in progress.   From here we could advise and record the videos and images to send to the client to inform them the door hangers were on the press and were able to be finished to the high standard we offer.


The client as very happy to see the door hangers in production and it helped them understand the process without having to leave the comfort of their office.    Press passes for such large and complicate print projects are a must when clients are spending a large amount of money; and this is why press passes are still important.



CitySuites Door Hangers

The result

Once the client has seen the press pass in the video we simply “crack on” with the rest of the project and finish the door hangers with round corners and holes for the door hangers to fit onto the door handles.

The door hangers are then sent to the client at the required address on time and budget.

If you have a project which needs a little more handling and a press pass, then please speak to Sentio about our bespoke print service and let us take the pain out of your printing projects.  Contact us here or call 01295 268649.


Bronze foil