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Why the humble business card is still important

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Why the humble business card is still important

Business cards are a real must for any business.  They are the first point of marketing and should, in my opinion, be as important to the business as any other marketing, print or digital.


I remember visiting a large international networking event in London and I met some people from a large FTSE company, and I was given a business card that was so flimsy and really poor quality the print was coming off the card!  I asked them (quite cheeky really) where their cards came from and he said online!  I then found myself throwing the card away.  There was no desire for me to speak or learn more about the individual and his/her company.


So how do you make your business cards work harder for you and your business?


Make your business cards different


There are a variety of ways to this:


  • Use unusual papers. Sentio offers a vast range of papers from all the major paper merchants form GF Smith to Fedrigoni and Antalis
  • Use unusual print techniques – SCODIX, foiling, letterpress, laser printing and embossing
  • Use unusual designs we can offer folding cards to standard and different sizes and shapes!
  • Always use both sides of the cards – an empty side is side where you can promote your business!
  • Think about your colours – maybe use different colours for different sectors of your business. We have a client where we SCODIX treat the icon that the employee works in, so their client knows which department they work in.
  • Remember to tell your audience what you do, so on the reverse you can bullet point the services and products you offer
  • A business card should be given and not thrown away, add value where you can and even if you are on a tight budget then order less cards but, keep your quality.
  • It is important that all the details for contacting you are on the card so include all mobile and landline numbers, email address and of course the web address
  • People also like to see your social media accounts so remember to add these if you have them, more ways to add credibility and to contact you.


Sentio offers a full design and print service for business cards, so please contact us here to arrange for a quote or for more information Please contact Sentio here or call us on 01295 268649